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Thursday, May 3, 2012

AdSense Newsletter - May 2012

Posted by dody rahman
May 2012 Publisher ID ca-pub-5803851940828232

Dear publisher,

We understand that as you create content for your site, you're looking to maximize your revenue from all of your ads, no matter how they're sold. In this edition's Tip of the Month, we'd like to introduce you to DFP Small Business, Google's free ad serving solution for publishers who are serving ads from multiple sources. You'll also learn about:
  • Taking control with the new Ad review center
  • Finding out how to go Mobile
  • Connecting with AdSense on Google+
  • Leveraging the redesigned AdSense crawler errors page
  • Creating high quality sites with Webmaster Guidelines
  • Using the AdSense Management API

The Google AdSense team

Tip of the Month

Optimize your ad serving with DFP Small Business

Whether you're already using multiple sources of ad revenue on your site or are only in the planning stage of doing so, DFP Small Business, Google's free hosted ad serving solution, can help you manage your growing online advertising business. With our new online tool, you can find out if DFP Small Business is the right product for you:

  Go to the tool  
DFP Small Business allows you to manage all your ad inventory from one simple interface and offers rich features such as inventory forecasting, detailed reporting and multi-dimensional targeting. You can also use it to maximize your revenue by enabling real-time competition between AdSense and your other ad networks. Find out more about DFP Small Business in our video below:


More control over the ads on your site

The Ad review center is now more powerful and allows you to review all ad types after they've run on your pages, whether they're contextually-targeted, placement-targeted, or interest-based. Make decisions on individual ads and block multiple ads at once to help you save time. Log in and get started with the new Ad review center today.

Connect with AdSense on Google+

Follow us on our new AdSense Google+ page, where you'll find AdSense updates and gain access to exclusive Hangouts with the AdSense team. These live video chat sessions will give you the opportunity to share your product feedback with our Product Managers and ask your questions to our optimization specialists. Join the conversation and also meet other AdSense publishers from around the world to share your experiences.

AdSense crawler error redesign

The redesigned AdSense crawler errors page provides you with accurate and actionable information to optimize your site even more effectively. Some publishers have seen a revenue increase of up to 400% after they fixed their crawler errors. To see the new crawler errors page in your account, visit your 'Home' tab, then click on 'Account settings' and navigate to the 'Crawler errors' section.

AdSense Management API for developers

If you're writing your own software and would like to retrieve your AdSense reporting data directly, the AdSense Management API is what you've been looking for! The API is available to all AdSense publishers, and lets you retrieve lists of ad clients, ad units, channels, as well as generate custom reports directly from your applications.

For more information, browse the API forum, or join the regular office hours.

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Mobile Ads

Find out how to go Mobile

With an increasing mobile internet usage worldwide, it's getting more and more important to consider mobile users' needs when designing your site. To help you optimize your content for mobile, we've recently launched a new suite of tools on where you can:
  • See how you rate - Use the GoMoMeter to analyze your site's mobile user experience.
  • Start planning - Download the GoMo Publisher Guide for mobile best practices.
  • Find a partner - Learn about vendors who can help with your implementation.
As part of our ongoing GoMo initiative, we're also hosting a number of webinars. For more information on those webinars and the latest news around mobile ads visit our Google Mobile Ads Blog.

Program Policies

Top tips for creating high quality sites

One of the most frequent questions that we get from publishers is how to improve their sites' performance on Google's search index.

In keeping with the theme of creating high-quality content, we've written a blog post of how adhering to the webmaster guidelines can help the overall potential of your site and maximize traffic and revenue for you.

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