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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Angry Birds, The Economist and 1 other shared with you on Google+

Posted by dody rahman
Hi Dodi!
Here's this week's top content.
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Hunting for a new leader in the midst of a brutal battle for market leadership is hardly ideal. But that is the predicament in which Intel now finds itself. On November 19th Paul Otellini, the firm's chief executive, surprised the industry and investors by announcing that he would retire from the semiconductor behemoth
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  The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

The world's longest bridge fountain that set a Guinness World Record with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides that is 1,140m long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute. Installed in September 2009 on the Banpo Bridge, Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon praised that the bridge will further beautify the city and showcase Seoul's eco-friendliness, as the water is pumped directly from the river itself and continuously recycled. The bridge has 38 water pumps and...
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Don't ignore me! The advertising campaign by +UNICEF is putting Chinas 1.5 million underprivileged kids in the spotlight. 3D street art by Ogilvy & Mather.
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