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Monday, February 25, 2013

Robin Malau, 50 Cent and 1 other shared with you on Google+

Posted by dody rahman
Hi Dodi!
Here's this week's top content.
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The homie +Pauly D shootin BACK TO LOVE video coming soon
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Why Android is ahead of iOS contextually

I'm sitting with +Binil Antony who is showing me his app, Friday, which collects all sorts of stuff. 

Why can't he do this on iOS? Because Apple doesn't let him code stuff that touches the dialer or the SMS functionality.

So, why is that important? 

Well, what if you want to build a new kind of photo search? One that lets you do a query like this "show me all photos that I shot within an hour of getting a call from +Rocky Barbanica." Now, that might not seem all...
...and 3 more photos.
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